MobiForms Advanced Now Supports Google Android Development

By HTMLGoodies Staff

MobiForms today announced the release of its latest MobiForms Advanced Edition with support for Google Android support. By supporting the full development lifecycle for Android mobile database apps, MobiForms hopes to enable the creation of offline store and forward apps with offline buffering and online synchronization.

MobiForms provide a compact development and deployment solution, replacing the need to use various tools like Eclipse, the Android SDK, Java or XML. MobiForms Advanced Edition includes MobiForms Developer and the MobiForms Sync Server. This enables developers to create applications where communications may be interrupted, but by using the MoboForms solution, no data is lost.

MobiForms Sync Server allows for bi-directional data replication, synchronization and offline buffering between back office database servers such as Oracle Apps, SAP, Navision, Dynamics, etc. as well as MobiForms mobile clients running on Google Android, Windows Mobile and other mobile platforms.

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