/daily_news/article.php/408330/Top-5-Benefits-of-Using-Net-for-Web-Developers.htm Top 5 Benefits of Using .Net for Web Developers

Top 5 Benefits of Using .Net for Web Developers

By HTMLGoodies Staff

.Net enables web developers to quickly develop, deploy and manage web applications. The built-in security features of .Net also provide the developer with the ability to create apps that are very secure.

The ability to reuse application blocks by using .Net means that developers don't have to write as much code, saving time and effort. The way that Microsoft patterns and references architectures helps developers to create the right structure for developing apps for clients.

The frameworks and patterns of .Net have already been tested and debugged, so less errors are naturally produced by developers. By using these frameworks and components from Microsoft, apps created by developers are usually of higher quality, and are more reliable.

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