Open Text Releases Web Site Management 10.1 CMS

By HTMLGoodies Staff

This week Open Text released its Web Site Management 10.1, the CMS formerly known as Open Text Web Solutions and Red Dot. The combination of the two products was designed to simplify the lives of content and website administrators, but has it been effective?

The use of fresh, relevant content and interactive social community experiences integrated with business and advertising enhancements is what the CMS is all about. Open Text Web Site Management 10.1 is modular, with additional components which can be added based on the needs of the organization.

Today's web users expect social networking to be integrated into their web experience. Web Site Management 10.1 has integrated its Open Text Social Communities, which used to be known as Vignette Social Media. Additional new features include a redlining compenent which indicates where changes have been made, and a new drag and drop interface for changing the order of a content list.

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