Difference Between Mobile and Traditional Web Development

By HTMLGoodies Staff

If you are considering the development of a mobile website, you may be wondering just exactly what are the differences between the two types of websites. In this article we'll look into the differences so you will know what to expect before you get started.

The difference in user expectations and the way they interact in a mobile site differs from the traditional web model. Traditional websites can expect users to move in a vertical pattern, while mobile users tend to navigate side to side, that is, left to go back to the home page, right to go to the next page.

Initial page loading times need to stay short for mobile devices. Most sites should endeavor to keep the load below 100K, which is approximately the size of 2-3 typical website graphics. Mobile websites need to be created to work with the lowest common denominator, that is, they need to be designed to work with all devices. Less bells and whistles, but more users, is the goal.

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