Mera-Soft Announces Dynamic Chart Library with CSS and JavaScript

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Mera-Soft this week announced Running-Charts.com, a unique way to show JavaScript charts within web pages--without the use of plugins, pictures, Flash, SVG or even the canvas tag. Mera-Soft's charting feature gets its functionality from CSS and HTML, and it works with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE 8.0, IE 7.0 and even IE 6.0.

The Running-Charts API (Application Programming Interface) library is fully configurable and through the use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), is fully customizable. The new charts are dynamically updated with fresh data, and do not require any plugins, using rather the power of Ajax, which also has the benefit of speed due to fewer page reloads.

Mera-Soft has provided a copy-and-paste example on their site which provides new users with a starting point. Documentation for the JavaScript API is also available on the site, with several versions of the software available at various prices and options.

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