Different Types of iPhone App Development

By HTMLGoodies Staff

There are three types of iPhone apps being created by developers. Knowing more about these app types will help you decide which one is beneficial for your business, before you spend valuable development money.

When you think of iPhone apps, consider that not all apps are created equal. There are web apps, which are created using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and utilize the Safari web browser on the iPhone. There are native apps, created using the Objective-C, C, or C++ programming languages, that take advantage of the core features of the iPhone. And lastly, there are hybrid apps that are created using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but are compiled natively into apps which still utilize the Safari web browser, but are embedded into a native app.

Web apps cannot be sold via the App Store, while native apps and hybrid apps can. Apple has stipulated that they will not accept apps created using cross platform tools, as they require third party updates to take advantage of any new iOS features. Apple prefers that developers use their own Software Development Kit (SDK) which is available as part of the Apple Developer Program and iPhone Developer Program. Chose wisely!

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