Google Chrome Browser Plus HTML 5 Equals Amazing Effects

By HTMLGoodies Staff

The Google Chrome web browser is well known by developers for its quick JavaScript rendering, and wide support for the upcoming HTML 5 specification. Chrome Experiments is showcasing the browser's capabilities with demos that features JavaScript apps, amazing CSS layouts and animations which utilize HTML 5's Canvas element.

With all the interest in HTML 5 and CSS3, many web developers hope to be able to create powerful new web applications, videos, animations and more, all without the use of plug-ins. While some developers are sticking to Flash and Silverlight for multimedia features, others are rapidly embracing HTML 5, JavaScript and CSS3 as more browsers support these technologies.

To view the examples at Chrome Experiments, you will need to use Safari, Firefox (the new beta works best), and even the pre-release version of Internet Explorer 9. Those which use Webkit-specific technologies and CSS prefixes will only work in Chrome and Safari. The Chrome website encourages you to use the Chrome browser for the most impressive effects, of course.

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