/daily_news/article.php/404394/Adobe-AIR-20-Comes-Out-Swinging.htm Adobe AIR 2.0 Comes Out Swinging

Adobe AIR 2.0 Comes Out Swinging

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Apple has been stealing the show as of late, but with the release of AIR 2.0, which is based on Flash Player 10.1, Adobe has come out swinging with new features including native code interop, touch and gesture support and more.

AIR is essentially made up of the Flash player, WebKit for HTML, SQLLite and ActionScript 3.0 extensions. It runs on Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. AIR 2.0 features a new version of WebKit, with improved JavaScript performance and improved CSS support.

Developers can create AIR applications using the Eclipse-based Flash Builder, which includes a visual form designer, ActionScript code editor and integrated debugger. Designers might choose to utilize the Flash IDE, or Flash Catalyst, which enables designers to convert their artwork into programmable components and create applications without any programming required.

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