/daily_news/article.php/403732/Are-Enterprise-Websites-Ready-for-Mobile.htm Are Enterprise Websites Ready for Mobile?

Are Enterprise Websites Ready for Mobile?

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Many experts predict that by 2012 half of all web traffic will be consumed by mobile devices, up from 20 percent in 2009. Is your enterprise website ready for the mobile revolution?

While there are many factors involved, three key factors have contributed the most: faster mobile internet browsing via 3G, basic web surfing on smartphones, and more affordable mobile contracts. The mobile web is less complicated for end users, and the number of such users is continually growing.

Often, the mobile version of your website will just appear to be a "trimmed down" version of your current website. When you are developing a site for mobile users, the focus of the design has to be connection speed and screen size. It should load quickly on mobile devices, still look decent on smartphone screens, and the navigation needs to be simplified. If you haven't worked on your mobile presence, now is the time to get to it!

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