/daily_news/article.php/403632/Speed-Issues-Causing-Slow-Adoption-of-Facebooks-Graph-API.htm Speed Issues Causing Slow Adoption of Facebook's Graph API

Speed Issues Causing Slow Adoption of Facebook's Graph API

By HTMLGoodies Staff

PHP developers were delighted to hear Facebook's announcement at the f8 conference regarding their new Graph APIs, which were supposed to enable developers to more easily interact with Facebook data. Since the announcement, developers have experimented with the Graph API, only to find significant problems with slowness.

Problems using Facebook's latest PHP Software Developer's Kit (SDK) seems to be the common link among those with speed issues. One developer's test showed that the old APIs had a 0.1 response time, while the new Graph API had a 7 second response time, which is beyond significant.

While Facebook is likely to already be addressing the issues, many developers are unable, or unwilling, to spend much time working with the Graph API and PHP SDK until the speed issues are addressed.

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