/daily_news/article.php/403014/Apple-Renames-iDevice-OS-Discusses-Application-Process.htm Apple Renames iDevice OS, Discusses Application Process

Apple Renames iDevice OS, Discusses Application Process

By HTMLGoodies Staff

While Apple's Steve Jobs talked about the latest features of iPhone 4 at the company's worldwide developer conference (WWDC) in San Francisco, he also discussed the device's operating system, formerly called iPhone OS4, now simple iOS4, and talked about the application review process at its App Store.

The decision to rename the OS to iOS 4 came because, as Jobs said, "it's on iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone." The new OS includes a much-requested feature--the ability to multitask, along with a unified email box, and app folders--a feature that was requested so often that third party application developers had already created an application that did just that.

Jobs also stated that its third party application approval process for its App Store would remain intact, despite complaints from some developers. "I want to make something really clear. We support two platforms at Apple. The first was HTML5, a fully open and uncontrolled platform. The second platform was Apple's App Store."

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