Undaunted, Adobe, Greystripe to Bring Flash Ads to iPhone and iPad

By HTMLGoodies Staff

While Apple continues to work to keep Flash off the iPhone and iPad, Adobe continues to work to ensure it gets there--one way or another. Today Adobe announced a partnership with Greystripe to create a solution which circumvents Apple's Flash ban to deliver ads on the iPhone and iPad.

Greystripe's methodology for delivering Flash ad content is similar to Brightcove's solution for delivering Flash video content. The platform is detected, and Greystripe automatically converts it to HTML 5 so it can be delivered to the Safari web browser that is used by the iPhone and iPad.

Speaking of the partnership with Adobe, Greystripe explained "The ad solution is comparable to Apple's recently introduced iAds unit; however, unlike iAds, they will be authored with Adobe Flash authoring tools, priced at a fraction of the cost, and come in both expandable banner and full screen interstitial formats. Since Flash is the standard for developing rich media digital advertising, these solutions will give brand advertisers and digital agencies the ability to retain full control over ad development, reduce costs by preserving existing workflows while enabling support for HTML5, provide advertisers reach across all major desktop and mobile platforms, and decrease the time between ad concept and delivery."

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