/daily_news/article.php/402152/New-Google-Privacy-Add-On-BlocksGoogle-Analytics.htm New Google Privacy Add-On Blocks....Google Analytics?

New Google Privacy Add-On Blocks....Google Analytics?

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Responding to privacy concerns, Google released an add-on for IE, Firefox and Chrome which blocks some of the information provided by its own analytics service, among others. The add-on enables users to opt-out, blocking the flow of specific data from their PC that is sent to Google Analytics when users visit a site that uses the service.

The JavaScript code that web developers insert into their pages captures the IP address, browser version, operating system, ISP, and other data from visitors. The data is then available via the developer's Google Analytics account.

With all the negative publicity concerning privacy on Facebook and other sites has caused the company to take a closer look at its own practices. While end users applaud Google's decision, web developers may be missing out on important data that is needed for Search Engine Optimization, marketing and advertising purposes.

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