Real-Time Feeds on Your Website via Google Feed API 2.0

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Google's developer conference has brought some interesting news for web developers this week. Although the company didn't actually intend to announce it at Google I/O 2010, details emerged about a new feature, Google Feed API 2.0, that will enable developers to embed "real-time" syndicated feeds on their websites and blogs.

RSS/Atom feeds typically use PubSubHubbub (PUSH) to actively push any fresh content to feed subscribers within mere seconds of being published. The Google Feed API 2.0 takes the PUSH-enabled feeds and publishes them to the sites with the embedded feature immediately, whereas the Feed API 1.0 could often take hours to show the update.

The information about Google Feed API 2.0 was released via an unlisted YouTube video. YouTube's new "unlisted" privacy feature enables users to publish videos that are only accessible via direct links. Once the video was discovered, Google confirmed the news about Feed API 2.0 and announced that it would be launching on the first day of Google I/O 2010.

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