Google I/O To Showcase Chrome Web Browser's Appeal To Developers

By HTMLGoodies Staff

The Chrome web browser is expected by be on stage at Google I/O, the search engine giant's annual developer conference, starts next week in San Francisco. Recent developments in web video, social web technologies, HTML 5 and new APIs for the browser will be of great interest to developers.

Google's director of engineering David Glazer sees app development as a critical area for developers. "What we care most about with Chrome is driving the growth of web apps forward. Chrome is in a horse race with other browsers, and all of them are pushing the state of art of the modern web and HTML5 forward."

While the HTML 5 spec is far from complete (it's still in draft form), it's supported by many browsers, including Firefox, Safari and Opera. Internet Explorer 9, which is due to be released later this year, will also include support for most of the features in the HTML 5 specification.

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