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HTML 5 Still Not Ready for Prime Time

By HTMLGoodies Staff

While HTML 5 is being heralded as the Flash killer, the still-emerging web standard still has its critics. Find out why HTML 5 still has some catching up to do before it will actually become the solution that web developers are looking for.

The problem begins with the lack of true standards within web development. Websites are not created with HTML--indeed they contain HTML code, but that code comes along with others, including CSS, JavaScript, SQL, XML, JSON, etc. usually combined with a server-side scripting language such as PHP or ASP.

Add to this complex mess the fact that there are so many web tools that developers are using to create websites, without any continuity, that many web developers have come to be envious of those who are able to create a website using a single proprietary tool such as Flash. Vendors are slowly releasing tools which will make life easier for developers, such as the inclusion of HTML5 support in Adobe's Creative Suite 5 product line, as well as within DreamWeaver. Now they just need a tool that will unify the technologies utilized for web development--not just the new ones, but those which they are already using.

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