/daily_news/article.php/400832/How-to-Embed-Videos-in-Your-Web-Pages-Using-HTML-5.htm How to Embed Videos in Your Web Pages Using HTML 5

How to Embed Videos in Your Web Pages Using HTML 5

By HTMLGoodies Staff

While the HTML5 versus Flash debate still rages, many web developers are already beginning to use HTML5 to embed videos in their web pages. This article will show you how to do just that, and take you on a tour in the world of HTML5 video.

With support for HTML5 video coming from sites including YouTube and Wikipedia, and even Microsoft announcing that its Internet Explorer 9 will include support for HTML5 video, more developers are abandoning Flash for "native" video.

The first issue to work out is which browsers actually support HTML5 video. As it stands, Safari 4, Chrome 3+, and Opera all support HTML5, so you'll be able to use those browsers to test out the videos on your site. Next you will need to decide on a video codec, but your choices are currently limited to H.264 and Theora. The main reason for using HTML5 over Flash at this point: iPhone and Android don't support Flash, but they do support HTML5.

Now that you know the details behind HTML5 video, it's time to delve into the code itself in this tutorial from All About Jazz Publicity.

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