/daily_news/article.php/400408/Opera-Supports-Open-Standards-But-Stands-Behind-Flash.htm Opera Supports Open Standards, But Stands Behind Flash

Opera Supports Open Standards, But Stands Behind Flash

By HTMLGoodies Staff

In the war between Adobe Flash and emerging standards such as HTML 5, CSS3 and JavaScript, Opera has announced that it is standing behind Adobe's Flash--sort of. Although it sees the web's future as "open web standards" it believes that without Flash, "today's internet" just won't be viable.

Although the company believes that a lot of content on the web "is dependent" on Flash, they took a shot at Adobe, stating that believe that any device that runs Flash could be used to "cook an egg", referring to the software's intense resource usage.

Opera made headlines by getting its browser accepted into the App Store, but its use on desktop computers has been overshadowed by Google's Chrome web browser. Opera still has one out: Microsoft announced that it won't be making upgrades to IE9 for Windows XP, a market that Opera is still able to tap into.

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