/daily_news/article.php/400292/Document-Sharing-Site-Scribd-Ditches-Flash-Uses-HTML5.htm Document Sharing Site Scribd Ditches Flash, Uses HTML5

Document Sharing Site Scribd Ditches Flash, Uses HTML5

By HTMLGoodies Staff

In Apple CEO Steve Jobs' opinion, web developers who need to rewrite their Flash sites should do the job using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Scribd, the social document sharing website, announced today that they are taking Jobs' advice, literally.

Scribd has been using Flash for three years now, but its CTO Jared Friedman said it was time for a change, stating "After three years of building on Flash, Scribd is starting over and building everything on HTML5."

Reasons for the change include a poor user experience with Scribd due to the fact that the content is wrapped in a separate application, duplicating many functions that browsers already possess. Flash still has advantages over HTML 5, as many developers point out, especially in the area of authoring and programming environments--so far there aren't any that are comparable to Adobe Flash.

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