Worldwide Internet Explorer 6 Boycott? JavaScript Guru Says Do It!

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Last week at the Web 2.0 Expo, Douglas Crockford, senior JavaScript architect at Yahoo! and the one responsible for JSON, isn't happy that there are still people using the Internet Explorer 6 web browser. In fact, he's calling on a worldwide boycott of the browser that's nearly nine years old.

His proposal is precise, as he stated "My proposal for solving the IE6 problem? It has to be solved by the major website developers. One day, all of us [should] redirect to a page that says 'please load one of these five or six free browsers, and then come back'."

The day Crockford envisions as IE6 D-Day is 30 days after all of the five major browser have implemented ECMAScript 5, the latest Javascript standard. He's very serious about this mission. "On that day IE6 dies."

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