/daily_news/article.php/398886/Facebook-Shuts-Down-Connect-API-Announces-OpenGraph-API.htm Facebook Shuts Down Connect API, Announces OpenGraph API

Facebook Shuts Down Connect API, Announces OpenGraph API

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Facebook announced this week that it's killing its Facebook Connect API, which enabled developer to utilize Facebook's user profile data. At the same time it introduced its new OpenGraph API, which will limit third party access to info, while allowing approved companies to gather and use even more in-depth user data.

OpenGraph provides users with an opt-out option when its used, which is good for privacy reasons, however developers have created many applications which utilized the Facebook Connect API, and Facebook hasn't convinced anyone that the functionality of OpenGraph will replace those of Connect.

Many developers are upset with the move, which came without any warning to developers who were currently working on applications which use the now-abolished Connect API. Those developers are playing the waiting game to see if OpenGraph has the features that they need to replace Connect.

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