/daily_news/article.php/398512/Rich-Internet-Applications-The-Next-Battleground.htm Rich Internet Applications The Next Battleground?

Rich Internet Applications The Next Battleground?

By HTMLGoodies Staff

With the release of Adobe's Creative Suite 5 and Microsoft's Visual Studio 2010 and Silverlight 4, the world of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) is poised to move RIAs off the web browser. Designing simpler client-side apps which work with advanced server-side applications just got easier for developers.

Until now, most web developers were tied to using traditional "URL-bound" resources such as HTML, JavaScript and Ajax. Adobe's and Microsoft's releases last week provide developers with the tools they need to move RIAs off the browser and onto the desktop.

Developers are beginning to think cross-platform. Using an n-tier application, developers are able to separate an application's core logic from the code used to display it. For instance, developers can create Silverlight-based clients for PCs, smartphones, or tablets, with each displayed differently than the other.

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