/daily_news/article.php/398108/Microsoft-Announces-Final-Release-of-Silverlight-4.htm Microsoft Announces Final Release of Silverlight 4

Microsoft Announces Final Release of Silverlight 4

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Microsoft today announced the release-to-the-web (RTW) version of Sliverlight 4, a browser plug-in which supports multimedia content. This release is now available for free download as Microsoft hinted it would be earlier in the week.

Developers were forewarned by Microsoft that there are known issues with Visual Studio 2010, stating that "Visual Studio 2010 can be installed side-by-side with Visual Studio 2008 SP1. For Silverlight 4 development, you will need the released version of Visual Studio 2010. Please read the known issue on installing Visual Studio 2010 if you already have the Silverlight 3 SDK installed."

Besides being touted as a potential Flash killer, Silverlight is a slimmed-down, cross-platform version of Microsoft’s Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) programming model. This new release provides supports for data binding, enterprise networking and printing and additional features designed to make the platform more appealing to enterprise application developers.

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