Sunday, September 19, 2021

Perl 5.12 Released As Development Continues

Perl 5.12 was released this week by the Perl 6 Project, which has been working on the open source programming language since 2000. This latest release comes after a group of Perl developers took the programming language out of maintenance mode and added new features.

The Perl 6 Project expects a very long wait for Perl 6,so they overhauled the date functions in this new release so that it can effectively deal with dates that are further in the future than 2038. Other improvements include the new pluggable keywords feature, which enables extension modules to tap into the Perl parser and add new keywords to the language.

Release manager Jesse Vincent announced the 5.12 release, which he said is ready for deployment in production environments. “Perl 5.12.0 represents approximately two years of development since version 5.10.0 and contains over 750,000 lines of changes across over 3,000 files from over 200 authors and committers. Based on extensive testing over the past 3 months, we believe that Perl 5.12.0 is ready for production deployments.”

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