/daily_news/article.php/397980/Is-the-Web-Developers-Friend-Palm-OS-Going-Away.htm Is the Web Developer's Friend, Palm OS, Going Away?

Is the Web Developer's Friend, Palm OS, Going Away?

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Palm, Inc is said to be selling itself, and is currently seeking bids from various corporations. Its WebOS has long been a web developer favorite, as it allows native mobile apps to be developed with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Palm has posted 11 sequential quarterly losses, and is ranked sixth in the US smartphone market. Its Linux-based WebOS operating system received as much attention as its Palm Pre and Pixi smartphones. Unlike other popular smartphones, Palm features a multi-tasking OS, a free Software Developer's Kit (SDK) for Windows, Mac and Linux developers, a less restrictive App Catalog, a homebrew application market with no approval process, and soon, a Flash player.

Microsoft and Apple are certainly not on the prospective buyer's list, but rumour has it that HTC and Lenovo have made offers to buy the failing smartphone company.

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