/daily_news/article.php/396710/Google-Debuts-Experimental-Ad-Tools-for-Web-Developers.htm Google Debuts Experimental Ad Tools for Web Developers

Google Debuts Experimental Ad Tools for Web Developers

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Google today announced a new service which will enable web developers to access its latest advertising tools. The new Google Ad Innovations portal will allow the search engine giant to share the tools and services that its own engineers utilize with other developers.

Google has stated that they will collect feedback from web developers who use its tools, which will allow them to enhance their advertising network. They have already placed numerous advertising tools and services on their Ad Innovations site, including an "above the fold" tool, a "search funnels" SEO tool, and "click to call" ads for mobile devices.

By offering these tools, Google hopes to improve their ad services, while enabling developers to get used to their advertising features and services. A Google spokesperson stated "But the type of information that ads provide is getting more varied and inventive all the time, and as a result ads are getting more interesting, social and useful."

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