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Preparation for Website Content Migration

By HTMLGoodies Staff

If you are considering the migration of website content from one CMS to another, preparation is the key. As this article will show you, website content migration is less about tools, and more about preparation.

In a recent article, Mike Straight points out that many potential problems can be averted by asking yourself some questions when you are still planning a website migration project. Mr. Straight delves into the migration project by asking the following:

  1. What are the metrics for success and value drivers for the project?
  2. What is the QA threshold for the migrated content?
  3. How long can the site be frozen?
  4. What are the major milestones and time lines for the CMS implementation and redesign?
  5. What is the total file count?
  6. What are the shared files?
  7. What are the legacy content schemas?
  8. What are the target content schemas in the new system?
  9. Will any new content need to be created?
  10. What are the languages of the content?
  11. Do you need to migrate the historical versions of the content?
  12. What features of the legacy and new CMS are being used?
  13. Can all content needing migration be accessed externally?
  14. Do you have a complete site map of the legacy sites?
  15. Will redirects need to be created? .
  16. Will content be referenced in the system through unique document IDs?
  17. How does your legacy content link back and forth (both SRC and HREF attributes)?
Each of these questions are vital to your migration project according to Straight, and by failing to take each into consideration, you may be setting yourself up for failure from the start.

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