/daily_news/article.php/393866/Google-Releases-PowerMeter-API-for-Energy-Ffficient-Apps.htm Google Releases PowerMeter API for Energy Ffficient Apps

Google Releases PowerMeter API for Energy Ffficient Apps

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Hoping that developers will create innovative gadgets and applications that will provide consumers with even more control over their power usage, Google today release the API for its Google PowerMeter. PowerMeter tells users how much energy they are using and what it is costing them--in real time.

Until now, Google's green tool has collected users' energy consumption data via smart meters installed by Google's utility partners and device partners who collect and transmit the data. Now that the API is being offered to developers, other software, devices and applications will be able to access that data.

Google was reluctant to release the API for security and privacy reasons, and took those issues seriously when they developed the public API. Google foresees a future in which homeowners will be able to decide which appliances to track, how often they get energy reports and how pricing rates or demand levels will affect their choices.

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