/daily_news/article.php/393460/Palm-Releases-webOS-SDK-14-Build-419.htm Palm Releases webOS SDK 1.4 Build 419

Palm Releases webOS SDK 1.4 Build 419

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Palm this week released its much anticipated webOS SDK 1.4 Build 419 to developers after releasing webOS 1.4 for Palm Pre and Palm Pixi smartphones. This release features many enhancements and tool fixes, and includes an update for its emulator ROM.

Top features of this release include:

  • webOS now incorporates WebKit 4, with enhanced CSS support and other improvements
  • webOS implementation of the HTML 5 Media API has been updated with improved conformance to the spec, and improvements in audio capabilties
  • Camera API now supports video capture
  • V8 JavaScript engine has been updated
webOS' Mojo Framework has been updated to revision 330 in the new webOS SDK, and template rendering performance is also improved. There are several modified private APIs but Palm is encouraging developers not to use the undocumented framework APIs at this point. Release notes are available on the Palm website.

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