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xCMIS Open Source Server Released by eXo Platform

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Enterprise developers will be interested in xCMIS, the latest release from eXo Platform. xCMIS is an open source implementation of the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) specification, and enables content sharing between different content management systems.

eXo's XCMIS supports its standards-based Java content repository (JCR) and was created with interoperability in mind--it also supports the use of third-party CMIS clients (and its own CMIS client which was based on the Google Web Toolkit). The xCMIS server was released as open source under the Lesser General Public License. What's unique about the CMIS client is that it enables developers to create both standalone web applications and Google gadgets.

xCMIS was built to "enable greater interoperability of enterprise content management (ECM) systems," and allows the developer to use AtomPub or Web Services to enable multi-CMS content sharing.

The CEO of eXo Platform, Benjamin Mestrallet, talked about the development of xCMIS, stating that "eXo was founded on open standards, which remain core to our DNA. We started with the industry's first Java portlet container, one of the first open source Java content repositories, one of the first enterprise OpenSocial implementations and now one of the most complete CMIS implementations available. In line with this commitment to open standards, we're making xCMIS widely available as open source to ensure that any developer can have access to a first-class CMIS server with which to write their applications."

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