SEO: Get Your Site Ready for a Jolt of Google Caffeine

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Earlier this year Google began using its Caffeine search engine technology in an effort to narrow and refine its search results and its own performance. If you haven't taken the time to reevaluate your own site's SEO measures for Caffeine, this is the time to do it.

Derek Gordon recently took the time to discuss his own search engine strategy, which he calls the "Seven steps to getting your website cafffeinated." Gordon says Caffeinated sites should be "fast, fresh and visual", and proceeds to tell you how to update your own site to be just that.

Gordon's seven SEO steps focus on the following concepts:

  • Site loading speed
  • Fresh content
  • Visual appeal
  • Optimized video
  • Social networking counts
  • Localization works
  • Site navigation = Google breadcrumbs
Before you begin working on getting your site up to speed for Caffeine, Gordon suggests that you have your site's basics covered. By this he means that it's already attractive, user-friendly, and focused. You should already know the focus of your site and have used that focus to determine the keywords, title, tags, descriptions, content and links. Now you're ready for a jolt of caffeine.

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