/daily_news/article.php/385614/Twitters-New-Developer-Site-and-Tools-Inspire-Even-More-Twitter-Apps.htm Twitter's New Developer Site and Tools Inspire Even More Twitter Apps

Twitter's New Developer Site and Tools Inspire Even More Twitter Apps

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Social Blogging Giant Twitter this week announced a new Developer oriented site along with new enhancements which will encourage the development of richer functionality among Twitter applications and services. According to Twitter directorof platform Ryan Sarver, developers have created more than 50,000 Twitter-base apps. Ryan Sarver of Twitter recently stated that developers have done so much that they plan to improve support for the developer ecosystem in the coming year, with a 10 percent rate limit increase on the number of times an application can request information from Twitter for a single user, saying "With the recent launches of Retweet, Lists and Geotagging we have seen applications struggle to provide the experience they want for their users within the 150 req/hr limit. We are excited to open the skies up a bit and provide some more room for developers to work within... Basic Whitelisting still exists and is unchanged. We look forward to what this means in terms of the increased richness around the user experience in Twitter apps." The newly designed dev site will incorporate current communications channels and tools into a single area, as well as adding additional tools, references, documentation, search, an API console and status dashboard and more detailed policy documentation. He mentioned that Twitter is giving back to the developer community through these actions, as well as planning a developer conference in San Francisco later in the year for Twitter developers.

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