/daily_news/article.php/384212/Microsoft-apologizes-to-the-Drupal-community.htm Microsoft apologizes to the Drupal community

Microsoft apologizes to the Drupal community

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Microsoft yanked a recent ad which encourage developers to "Forget Drupal", the open source website content management system, and apolgozed to the community for the negative ad. A recent blog post by Microsoft's Mark Brown, which ironically featured "Download Drupal on Windows" ads, showed that they were clearly embarrassed about another Microsoft department's marketing campaign. As Brown blogged, "I woke up this morning and over my coffee while reading Twitter I came across a Tweet from Dries that Microsoft had run an advertisement that said, 'Forget Drupal'." This comes after Microsoft has been working with the Drupal developer community to make Drupal run on Windows web server.

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