Apps That Test the Limitations of HTML5

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Although most developers, and lately Microsoft, have been touting the power of HTML5, many sites that use HTML5 appear to be, well, the same old standard HTML sites wrapped in new tags. There are some HTML5 sites, however, that provide a glimpse of what the new markup language really has to offer.

To begin with, HTML5 provides developers with the relative standardization of the canvas object, which allows developers to create Flash-like animations using JavaScript. While there are still better tools available for creating Flash applications than there are for creating apps with HTML5, more tools are appearing on the market every day, and the tide is shifting.

Other changes brought about by HTML5 are taking place under cover of the browser, such as local database storage. End users will only notice a more speedy app, but they are unlikely to realize that HTML5 is behind the scene, using local storage rather than traditional server-based data storage.

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