And The Best Mobile HTML5 Development Platform Is?

By HTMLGoodies Staff

With all eyes on HTML5 as the mobile language of choice, especially after today's announcement by Adobe that it would be killing its mobile Flash player, developers are eager to dive into HTML5. Which mobile HTML5 development platform is the best out of the biggies: RIM, WebOS, Windows 8 or Apple's iOS?

For many developers, the answer to that question is easy: iOS. Sencha, the developer framework and tool provider, took a close look at how iOS 5 performs with HTML5. They found that it was able to handle quick, smooth hardware accelerated CSS3 transitions and animations, that canvas performed very quickly, that WebGL is somewhat supported, and that support for CSS has improved with iOS 5.

Additionally, they found that WebWorkers are able to help connect iOS 5 to backend systems, and that HTML5 forms are fully supported. Overall, iOS 5 provided superior support for HTML5 and the features that have made it popular. Given that Apple has never supported Adobe Flash, they have obviously put a lot of work into their product to ensure that HTML5 is able to do what they have always claimed it could--and they have succeeded.

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