AJAX and JavaScript Content Now Indexed By Google

By HTMLGoodies Staff

As one might expect, with the increased use of JavaScript-based content and asynchronous requests that occur after page loading has completed, the folks at Google have come to the conclusion that their search engine is missing far too much information that could otherwise be indexed. This week they announced that they are using new technology to index both JavaScript and AJAX content going forward.

On Google's Webmaster Central Blog, they discussed their new technology, and how websites can take advantage of it, rather than suffer from it. The Googlebot will execute JavaScript code blocks it finds on a page, if they send an XMLHttpRequest. The Googlebot can execute both GET and POST AJAX requests, although it will only do so if the XMLHttpRequests are not the result of a user interaction.

The changes have already been implemented, and can be seen on Google's search results page as evidenced by a quick search for the comments that were left on TechCrunch's Facebook page. Besides social networks, other websites such as third party commenting platforms will also benefit from the new functionality.

Read the original article here.

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