13 Billion Twitter API Requests a Day from 600,000 Developers

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Twitter announced this week at its #devnest conference in San Francisco that it gets 13 billion API requests a day--from 600,000 developers who are working on apps that utilize the service in some fashion.

Currently there are approximately 900,000 applications that make use of the Twitter API. This even after Twitter imposed a restriction on third-party apps that produce their own clients for the service. The restriction was supposedly to ensure a consistent experience for users, but it has been reported that Twitter recently acquired third-party client TweetDeck, so many developers have come to the conclusion that Twitter wants to be the only one to officially produce "Twitter clients".

One would think that with that many tweeting applications out there, not many of them would be in use, but according to Twitter, over 90% of users do use official Twitter applications.

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