A 5 Minute Overview of 'Uploadcare'


There is no lack of online services these days and when your kicking off a new web project you need a simple, reliable tool that does its job on its own, without requiring a check list of interaction tomake it work. You can start with a simple online service like GitHub to help manages your code online. You can use Heroku to help take care of the deployment. Then Dropbox to deliver your new design mockups to your customers and coworkers, and when youre ready to get the word out and publish some photographs from the launch and make an announcement about all your hard work, you can use Facebook.


New-era services like Uploadcare and Ink will allow users to easily integrate all of your online cloud resources with applications and websites making file uploads super easy because you’re not limited to just local files and their services support a wide range of sources, such as Dropbox, Google and even recording a video directly from your webcam. The best part is, you can do all of this without writing and complicated code or scripts.


Uploadcare Features:

Uploadcare is a new service that helps media creators, businesses and developers to easily store, process and deliver visual content to their clients and other team members.

●       Uploadcare seamlessly integrates to allow uploading, editing and posting files to a blog, website or app straight from a computer, a mobile device, Facebook or Instagram account, or a popular cloud solution - like Dropbox or Google Drive.

●       File are stored and backed up at Amazon S3 or Selectel Hosting

●       API lets process images on-the-fly (crop, resize, filtering)

●       CloudFront CDN makes it possible to deliver files to users in less than few seconds.


Uploadcare also includes a nice custom widget that is meant to replace your usual <input type="file"> controls.


Ink (Filepicker)

The Ink filepicker feature provides a file upload service that connects, stores, and processes any file from anywhere on the Internet

Ink Core features include:

●        Integration with 19 cloud sources. No wrestling with APIs required - one line of code and your app is set up with Dropbox, Facebook Photos, Google Drive, Instagram, and many more.

●        Image processing functionality, so you can take uploads from the user and crop them to a 128x128 profile pictured centered around their face, for example

●        Stellar performance, streaming large files in parallel at speeds 4-10 times faster than basic flash uploaders


The Ink file picker is accessible via the filepicker.js API as well as SDKs for iOS and Android. 

In general the services are geared towards solving user problems with content upload and file handling on the web. The difference is in number of sources for upload and opportunity to deliver files. You can check out this service and find out more information here:  Uploadcare


Author: Anastasia Antonova



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