Review CSS Menu 3.3

By Nathan Segal


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In this article we review CSS Menu 3.3. When I first downloaded and installed the program, all went well until I tried to launch it. Nothing happened so I wrote to tech support about the problem and told them I use Windows 7 Home Premium. Here's what they sent back.

Go to: Control panel: System: Advanced System Settings: (Performance) Settings: Data Execution Prevention. Turn off DEP or add the app. in the exception list. I set the DEP to: Turn on DEP for essential Windows services and programs only. After that, I rebooted my computer. Another option was: "If the problem persists, then try to add the app. in the whitelist of your antivirus." Fortunately, this step was unnecessary. When I went to launch the application, it appeared right away.

This is the default interface.

Note that in this free version, there are a number of limitations, which you can see in the screen shot above. Areas that you cannot access are grayed out.

Note also, that for each template (Android, mac and Compact Gray), there's a scrolling list to the right offering variations.

When you click on the Icons tab, you get five different groupings of icons that you can use with your buttons.

The Creation Process

To get started, make sure the Template tab is selected, then click on the large green button to create your first menu item. This brings up a default menu item (you can change this later).

After that, it's time to create the menu, which could be horizontal or vertical. I chose to build a horizontal layout with drop downs. To build the menu, use the large green button to create the first menu item. After that, make sure the Template tab is active and choose a template that appeals to you. Double-click on it to apply it.

At this point you can build the menu. You'll do so by using the large green button, the smaller green button, the green arrows to navigate through the menu structure and the red minus button to delete any items you don't want. Note that the navigation will change depending on the menu template you use, so it takes a bit of practice.

Here's a completed menu structure.

If you want to go further with your menus and add image to your menu items, you can do so with the icons. Here's an example of the different sizes that you can use.

Here's the menu items with icons added.