/white_papers/article.php/394778/Securing-Web-Apps-Through-The-Software-Delivery-Lifecycle.htm Securing Web Apps Through The Software Delivery Lifecycle

Securing Web Apps Through The Software Delivery Lifecycle

By HTMLGoodies Staff

If you are developing web apps, you need to build security into those applications from the beginning. This whitepaper from the Redmond Developer Network shows you how to do that during each step of the software delivery lifecycle.

Enterprise developers know why it's important to secure web applications to protect critical corporate and customer data. Many don't know, however, how to implement a robust process for integrating security and risk management through the entire web application development process.

This whitepaper shows you how to implement security in a collaborative, process-oriented environment to create more secure applications. The authors believe that by integrating security into the process from the start, companies will be able to bypass expensive and problems the end of the lifecycle.

Discussions include:

  • The High Cost of Implementing Security Testing at the end of the Cycle
  • Business Benefits of an Integrated Approach
  • Business Benefits of Integrated, Composite Testing
  • Building Security Into the Cycle: A Practical Approach
  • Architecture and Design
  • Code Implementation and Build
  • Deployment/Production
  • Putting it All Together

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