/white_papers/article.php/394488/When-to-Use-a-Multi-Site-Architecture.htm When to Use a Multi-Site Architecture

When to Use a Multi-Site Architecture

By HTMLGoodies Staff

If you're contemplating the creation of multiple websites for your business, you owe it to yourself to learn about the significant savings that multi-site can deliver. This whitepaper discusses the benefits of multi-site, which include cutting your development and maintenance costs drastically.

Many businesses and organizations use multiple sites, and you may decide that your own business, and customers, would benefit from their use. For example, perhaps you currently host a resource site for plumbers, and now wish to offer one for electricians as well.

This whitepaper discusses the concept of multi-site, why you would want to use a multi-site (or not), project planning, and the next step to your multi-site project.

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