/white_papers/article.php/391926/Introduction-to-Ajax-and-OpenAjax.htm Introduction to Ajax and OpenAjax

Introduction to Ajax and OpenAjax

By HTMLGoodies Staff

This whitepaper from the OpenAjax Alliance introduces the web developer to Ajax and Open Ajax, which the the OpenAjax Alliance defines as "the collection of technologies and approaches defined by the OpenAjax Alliance to promote open and interoperable Ajax-based Web technologies that in turn lead to long-term customer success with Ajax."

The OpenAjax Alliance is made up of vendors, open-source initiatives and Web developers who are dedicated to "the successful adoption of open and interoperable Ajax-based Web technologies."

One of the key cornerstones of the OpenAjax Alliance is adherence to the OpenAjax Conformance, which is the set of requirements placed on Ajax technologies, products and applications which promote "interoperability and customer success." To be OpenAjax Conformant, an Ajax app must support the OpenAjax Hub. The OpenAjax Hub is a set of JavaScript technologies which address critical Ajax runtime interoperability requirements, and includes an Ajax library loading and registration, and a publish/subscribe-based event hub.

This whitepaper details the functions of the OpenAjax Alliance, how it is organized, specifications, OpenAjax Conformance, leadership and the future of Ajax.

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