/white_papers/article.php/391922/Web-Security-and-Cloud-Computing-in-2010.htm Web Security and Cloud Computing in 2010

Web Security and Cloud Computing in 2010

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Our reality today is that the web is a huge target for attacks by hackers looking for confidential information. To prepare for such attacks, developers need to provide protection "in the cloud"--which is where it is specifically needed.

We are living in an age where technology is always on, facilitating real-time communications including voice, data and video. Hackers are increasingly attempting to interrupt this data, which is frequently accomplished via the internet. The data they are after is the personal details and sensitive company information which can be used for illegal financial gains.

This whitepaper examines the reality of web threats, and delves into cloud-based computing as a means of increasing the level of protection against the threat of hackers. The focus is on the prevention of complex, hybrid attacks which take advantage of the use of web technologies.

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