/white_papers/article.php/388870/The-Growing-Adoption-of-Web-20-in-the-Enterprise.htm The Growing Adoption of Web 2.0 in the Enterprise

The Growing Adoption of Web 2.0 in the Enterprise

By HTMLGoodies Staff

This Analyst Perspectives Concensus report presents an overview of analyst observations about the technologies behind Web 2.0 and their opinions and predictions about its future prospects, espousing how the enterprise Web 2.0 product environment will experience significant growth and flux which will continue well into the new decade.

This whitepaper, while originally written over a year ago, features projections as to what will be occuring over the next decade in web developement trends, with 2010 marking a turning point in these predictions. As such, it is interesting to note that much of their analysis has been right on target, and the next several years are likely be a turning point in the development of what we will come to know as the interactive web, via mobile devices, computers and other interactive devices.

Among the topics covered are how enterprise spending on Web 2.0 technologies will continue to expand greatly, with over $4.6 billion spent on these technolgies globally by 2013, with social networking, mashups, and RSS being the focus of the majority of that spending.

Often one can see the future more clearly by looking at trend predictions and analysis in hindsight, and this report provides a telling look at what we have already seen, and what we are likely to see in the next few years in the world of interactive techology, social networking and the acceptance of Web 2.0 technologies in the enterprise.

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