HTML 4.01 Tutorials

By Joe Burns


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  HTML 4.01 Tutorials
These will bring you up to speed on the latest version of our favorite language!

This Tutorial series was originally written as an introduction to HTML 4.0, around the time that HTML4.0 was being released.  The specification for HTML 4.01 became a W3C (the World Wide Web Consortium

  • HTML 4.01
         Here's the scoop on the newest version of HTML.

  • HTML 4.01: The SPAN Tag
         The SPAN tag is a great command that is sure to become the workhorse of pages to come. Read this and learn about all you can do with it.

  • HTML 4.01: Tables
         This is a list of examples on how HTML 4.0 affects table creation.

  • HTML 4.01: Frames
         How does HTML 4.01 affect frame creation? Here's how!

  • HTML 4.01: Setting a Label and Access Key
         Use the Accesskey and Label commands to add keyboard shortcuts and hot keys to your Web pages.

         XHTML is a new format close to XML, but with a lot of HTML qualities about it. This tutorial will act as an introduction to the basic rules of writing in this new language format.

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