Top UI Design Blunders

By Rob Gravelle

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    Non-Standard GUI Controls

    Non-Standard GUI Controls

    Although each platform has its own look & feel, GUI widgets like links, buttons, checkboxes, scrollbars, close boxes [X], etc. are all identifiable and behave in expected ways across platforms. But for some reason, there are some developers who feel the need create an entirely new widget or change the appearance and/or behavior of the standard controls. The result is almost universally user confusion and frustration.

Designing the perfect User Interface (UI for short) is akin to immortality; you can never quite get there.  In fact, like immortality, there’s a long way to go.  If you find one of your own design “features” in this list, don’t fret.  I can remember not so long ago when rottentomatoes.com returned nothing when you misspelled a movie title (that’s #8 on our list). While not exactly a blunder, it does demonstrate that there is always more you can do to help your users.

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