Sunday, September 25, 2022

What’s New in CoffeeScript 2.0

The developers behind the open source CoffeeScript programming language have released the 2.0 version of their alternative to JavaScript. The update includes features from ECMAScript 2015, as well as modules, async functions, default parameter values and object destructing. “This new release of the CoffeeScript language and compiler aims to bring CoffeeScript into the modern JavaScript era, closing gaps in compatibility with JavaScript while preserving the clean syntax that is CoffeeScript’s hallmark,” explained developer Geoffrey Booth.

While CoffeeScript was initially very popular, interest in the language had waned in recent years. But that could change with the update.” I think CoffeeScript is in a good place,” said Booth. “It’s not the phenomenon of a few years ago, but that’s a good thing: now it can focus on being the cleaner JavaScript, and ECMA can focus on language features. CoffeeScript is still popular enough and supported enough to be used for any project, and that was our goal with CoffeeScript 2.”

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