Tuesday, December 6, 2022

VMware Releases New Java Debugging Tool in the Updated Micro Cloud Foundry

Micro Cloud Foundry is Vmware’s open-source version of Cloud Foundry PaaS, designed to live in a VM session on the developer’s local machine, PC or Mac. Best of all, supporting most frameworks, including of course, the VMware Spring for Java, Scala, Grails, as well as other JVM-based frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, Node.js JavaScript engine,  MongoDB, MySQL, and Redis application services. Java developers can simply write code for the Micro Cloud Foundry using the Eclipse STS while developers using Rails and Node.js will continue to use the command-line version with VMware’s VMC client for scripting routine procedures. See more on this important new release from Vmware: http://adtmag.com/articles/2012/02/23/micro-cloud-foundry-update.aspx


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