Saturday, December 10, 2022

Top Five Reasons To Learn HTML5

Microsoft recently upset many Silverlight developers with the news that its upcoming operating system, Windows 8, comes with an app model that is based on the still-unofficial HTML5 markup language. If you have been debating whether it’s worth your time and effort to learn more about HTML5, here are some reasons to get started that you may not have considered.

For those new to HTML5, you may be unaware that HTML5 actually refers to a set of technology that includes HTML5 itself, along with CSS3 and JavaScript. The combination allows developers to take client-side web development to a level that was not possible using good ole HTML.

The concept of a traditional application is changing. HTML5 can be used to create apps that appear to have the functionality of native applications, and they can be used within browsers on a variety of devices. Microsoft believes HTML5 can be used to create stunning applications which perform on a number of different operating systems, but of course work best on Windows.

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