Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Sencha Announces Release of Sencha Touch 2 wiith HTML5 Device API Access

The Sencha company, known for providing HTML5 frameworks and tools for both mobile and desktop applications, this week released Sencha Touch 2. This is a major upgrade to the HTML5 mobile app development framework, with many new features including native application packaging.

Other new features include access to APIs for more devices, and performance enhancements that enable cross-platform web apps that are created using Sencha Touch to perform as well as a comparable native app.

Sencha Touch has been downloaded close to 500,000 times, and has been use to create full-featured mobile applications. As the senior director of product management at Sencha, Aditya Bansod, put it, “Sencha Touch was the first HTML5 framework to give developers a complete tool for building mobile Web applications optimized for touch-driven devices. Sencha Touch 2 leverages the latest advances in HTML5, enabling developers to build Web experiences that rival native apps.”

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